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Last Light

What distinguishes San Diego landscape

He compares California light to New England’s or the Pacific Northwest’s, where “there’s a haziness to the light that you don’t have here. Here it’s sharp, almost desert-like, but it still has the moisture.”

Painting the Town Red

Marixists descend on Mission Valley

Three years ago this summer, when the Republican National Convention came to town to nominate Bob Dole and try to breathe life into the GOP's blue-lipped effort to reclaim the White House, San Diegans witnessed ...

Through the Flames

San Diego's Persians find a home in Balboa Park

"You must understand," she says, "the attitude toward Iranians when we first came here. The revolution. The hostage crisis. People thought we, who'd fled the revolution, were all terrorists. We were all suspect.”

Death Business

A San Diego company specializing in scattering cremation ashes at sea says business is up since the Kennedy family deposited the cremated remains of John F. Kennedy, Jr. last month off Martha's Vineyard. Anya and ...

Hike 7 miles through the Cuyamaca Mountains, and visit Japacha Creek, Airplane Monument, and Arroyo Seco camp.

Late-summer hiking in East County's Cuyamaca Mountains is rewarding, as long as you avoid the heat of midday and early afternoon. Lately, intense afternoon thunderstorms have dropped considerable moisture here as well as farther east, ...

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