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Big businesses wait for wedge of San Diego convention center pie

Who owns the San Diego Bay?

Ann Jarmusch, architecture critic of the San Diego Union-Tribune, calls the proposed convention center expansion "a disaster that robs the public of access to the waterfront. If Proposition A passes and the $216 million expansion ...

Loral, Qualcomm, and the Beijing Money Connection

Loral Space and Communications is a Manhattan-based aerospace company at the center of a growing Washington scandal about whether its chairman, a loyal Democrat who gave $1.3 million in donations to President Bill Clinton and ...

Iranian evangelicals – the loneliest Christians

" Iran wasn't always like this."

Over the past two years, U.S. senators, lobbyists, the New York Times, and the 700 Club's Pat Robertson have brought national attention to the persecution of Christians in Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, and China. But there ...

Chargers owner Alex Spanos loses battle to have a road named after him in Stockton

Tom Cruise wild birthday at North Island Officers Club

The matrons of Coronado will be shocked by a new book just out about the late Don Simpson, the coked-up producer of the 1985 movie Top Gun, starring cinematic heartthrob Tom Cruise and shot in ...

Dead baby in the womb — doctor slays demon

Miriam's demise

“Dr. Bender on line two for you, Dr. Eichel.” My mouth replied, “Thank you.” My mind thought, “Oh, no." An unsolicited, unexpected call from a radiologist never means good news. I went through my mental ...

City streets and concrete paths accommodate bicyclists along San Diego Bay.

Here's a bicycle ride that's practically a land-based equivalent of a harbor cruise on San Diego Bay. Over an out-and-back stretch of 16 miles, you're seldom far from the water, and the ease of gliding ...

Abandoning his family, Dad ends up at Rees-Steely, married to Vietnamese woman in East San Diego

Where my father's trail ends

I flew to San Diego two weeks before Halloween. A perfect time, I thought, to pursue the ghost of my father. I had neither seen nor heard from the old man since 1965, but I ...

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