Content for Thursday, April 23, 1998

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Peter Navarro fights Lynn Schenk, Susan Golding, Nancy Casady to run for Congress

San Diego confidential

A second commercial claimed that my campaign was funded by pornographers. This was perhaps Golding’s most outrageous accusation, and it brought my poor wife to tears and me to the brink of uncontrollable rage.

Ruth Reichl: Tender at the Bone

New York Times' chief restaurant critic

Reichl’s mother suffered from manic-depressive illness and veered between hilarity and near catatonia. She also not infrequently made up meals for family and guests from food that was just plain spoiled.

San Diego's Mycogen making luminous greens

Greenpeace attacks gene tinkering

If San Diego's Mycogen Corporation has its way, you'll soon be eating food from fluorescent plants and wearing fluorescent cotton T-shirts. Even Disney World in Florida is celebrating the invention. This month and next, Disney's ...

The Exorcist priest lives quiet life in San Diego

Father Walter Halloran performed rite on 11-year-old boy

To his parishioners in Old Town and Rancho Bernardo he was just another aging priest come West to enjoy a good-weather parish. A reward for years ministering in frigid Minnesota. To the fellow priests he ...

Chargers official and convention center proponent join San Diego Taxpayers board

Stadium backer chokes on $5.75 beers

Newest members of the San Diego Taxpayer Association's board of directors: Jeanne Bonk, chief financial officer of the Chargers, who handles details of the team's stadium-ticket guarantee, and Nancy Chase, a political consultant who's been ...

Roberts Ranch Opens its Gates to Hikers in Cleveland National Forest

Thanks to the crusading efforts of Descanso cabinet-maker Duncan McFetridge, affectionately known by some as the "Robin Hood of Cleveland Forest," two inholdings (islands of private property inside public-domain lands) near Descanso are being added ...