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Pray that Michael Douglas Don't Come Back

This cover story has not yet been posted. However, you can download the digital edition to view any story from this issue.

Life Behind The Badge

When San Diego police captain Lesli Lord killed herself on August 25, Joanne Archambault was furious. "I went home raging about who would do this to their children," says Archambault, a sergeant in SDPD's sex ...

Rabbit Love

Each throw rug is neatly rolled into a sausage. The small gray rabbit dozes in a fluffy lump under a rattan plant stand, a half-lidded sleep, alert for any coyote that might leap from behind ...

Gay safe

San Diego city schools just got a solid pat on the back from the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network of New York. The group rated 42 of the country's largest public school systems on ...

Many Mansions

Lost among dream homes in Rancho Santa Fe

“The Spiro house" looks gloomy from the outside. Cathy, Judy, and Angie debate whether the home’s showing agent is required to tell potential buyers what transpired in the house. “I think she has to,” Cathy says.

What officially makes a place a town?

Dear Matthew Alice: What officially makes a place a town? When the highway department puts up a sign? When it's on the AAA map? Or when you have a post office? In North County, De ...

A circuitous tour of Point Loma neighborhoods and Cabrillo National Monument by bicycle.

The Point Loma peninsula has a split personality. In the north, block upon block of houses spread over the peninsula's broad spine. Spacious military land and parkland (Cabrillo National Monument) encompass the peninsula's narrower south ...

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