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Connoisseurs of Pure Blood

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Crash and Burn (3)

'The rotor head of a helicopter doesn't know what kind of mission it's on," says Jeff Frederick. "It just goes 'round and around at 4000 revolutions per minute, and when metal fatigue reaches a certain ...

The Worms Turn

You've seen it on Hard Copy, read about it in the paper. Now, how about the truth on the millionairess, the parasite, and the million-dollar horse she claims was murdered, South Pacific? Start with the ...

Super rape

A San Diego hotel room was the scene of a Super Bowl rape by Denver Broncos defensive coach John Teerlinck, according to a federal lawsuit filed in Colorado last week by an Arizona woman said ...

A Looping Bicycle Tour Through Alpine, Dehesa, and Harbison Canyon

The rapidly urbanizing East County community of Alpine once displayed a sign along the main highway boasting "Best Climate in the USA by Government Report." Apparently the town's boosters got what they wanted. Thousands of ...

Did Mikey from the cereal ads really die from a pop rocks/Coca-Cola combination?

Hey, Matt: Quick question: Did Mikey (from Life cereal ads) really die because of a lethal pop rocks/Coca-Cola cocktail? --J. from the Net The famous Life commercial aired off and on for about 15 years, ...

How Minorities Settled Here

The Other Side of the Freeway: A Study of Settlement Patterns of Negroes and Mexican Americans in San Diego

The automobile, the streetcar, and the motorbus enabled whites to move farther from downtown. They left older houses, in Logan Heights and Golden Hill, for new developments north and east of Balboa Park.

Da Always Wins

What Da hasn't said

Finian Thomas Lickona turned one year old on May 6; he celebrated with a small group of close friends. After he had eaten his strawberry shortcake, homemade by Mama and overburdened by whipped cream pseudo ...

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