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Where were you born? Where you going? Where you coming From?

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Fly Babies

For the first time since the 1978 PSA plane disaster over North Park, the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) is changing San Diego's air traffic control system. According to Jerry Hargarten, the FAA's new plan looks ...

Baltimore to Buddha

'I was in the middle of death. I was surrounded by death. Most Americans, most Westerners, wouldn't think this was a good or healthy thing because we either try to hide from death, or we ...

Newly minted table waiters

Big labor in San Diego has been on a roll, what with victories in the convention center and Prop 226 campaigns last week. But today the local labor movement faces a moment of truth at ...

Inhale the resinous fragrances that are the essence of wild San Diego

The extension area of Torrey Pines State Reserve at Del Mar offers narrow, seldom-trodden pathways

Familiar to most Del Martians but unknown to most outsiders, the Torrey Pines State Reserve Extension conceals itself amid the coastal bluffs inland from Del Mar and just north of the main Torrey Pines reserve. ...

Does chlorine cause cats to become intoxicated?

Dear Matthew Alice: My daughter is on a swim team and also plays water polo. Almost every evening she comes home with her hair wet from the pool water. This drives our cat, Mickey, completely ...

Why are the palm trees still tied up at the airport after 4 months?

Matthew Alice: I noticed this back in December and was startled to see it was still going on [in April]. The palm trees that were planted in ridiculously large numbers at the airport have all ...

Why are we told not to refreeze meat?

Matt: Why are we always told not to refreeze meat? When you go to the supermarket, you often find poultry and sometimes beef and pork that is defrosting right there on the rack, and when ...

Acorns in San Diego History

Hunter-gatherer activities at Pio Pico

Hector renamed the site “Pio Pico,” because it’s across Otay Lakes Road from the campground by the same name. The site is 16,000 square meters and lies above Dulzura Creek, east of the confluence with Jamul Creek.

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