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Jacumba: 90 Miles East of Here

Do good fences make good neighbors?

"We have people who live in Jacumé who have been smuggling for years. With our intel gathering we do know who lives in Jacumé, who is involved in narcotics and alien smuggling. It’s no secret."

Enjoy bird and wildlife watching in the desert at Agua Caliente County Park's Squaw Pond

With nothing civilized around it for miles, Agua Caliente County Park/Campground feels like a true oasis amid the vast and desolate dry lands of the Anza-Borrego Desert. Tucked against the skeletal Tierra Blanca Mountains, the ...

Beginner's Luck

A few years ago a friend of Lou’s and mine planted a vegetable garden for the first time. George and his wife Sally lived in an old house high on a hill with an ocean ...

What is the difference between apple juice and apple cider?

Dear Matthew: This has been bugging me for years. What is the difference between apple juice and apple cider? They are in identical jars, except for the name. They have identical ingredients listed, and they ...

Should You Buy Diesel in Tijuana?

The fact that diesel fuel prices in San Diego are now as low as they've been for a while does not allay Michael Morgan's anxiety. Morgan owns AFM Transportation, a trucking company in Point Loma. ...

Golding's Tainted Money

Mayor Susan Golding's race for the United States Senate seat held by Barbara Boxer is over, but its ghost seems likely to haunt city hall for some time to come. Raising questions are the methods ...

Pro-growth and con men

As new population floods into San Diego, clogging freeways and beaches, pro-growth advocates often can't resist boasting of all the jobs and money that will follow. During the election fight over whether to build the ...

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