George continues: "It just happened to happen in here.... I don't think there was anything special about our bar; some people said this was his usual hangout. Well, sure, he came in here, but he'd walk up the street, too..."

Kos would come in and leave alone. But had he befriended any of the Loft's regulars?

"He kind of kept to himself - not that he was shy or anything, didn't huddle in the corner.

"I talked to him more than anyone because I'm the bartender - that's what I get paid to do."

Did George know how the police knew where to find Kos?

"People said they saw them across the street...said they saw them looking, waiting, kind of hesitant to come in, but I didn't notice anything."

Was there any exchange between George and the police?

"Well, it's not like I was gonna say, 'Get off my patron!' " George laughs. "Let him tip first."

Is the Loft strictly a gay bar?

"No. This is just a small neighborhood bar. I get paid to serve whoever walks in my door. If you have money for a beer or a drink or whatever, I serve you. We actually have quite a diversified clientele that come in. We have a lot of gay customers that walk in here - that's why we're touted as one of the friendliest bars. We'll serve anybody. A better description is probably a 'gay-friendly' bar. It's predominantly a gay clientele."

George adds, "I think the perception of equating 'gay' with molesting people is just too easy to throw in there, and that's kind of unfair to all the people who come in here."

What about Kos's recipe? Would George share that? "I'm in the process of moving right now, and I don't think I'd even know where to find it."


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