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— Rimland nonetheless feels that her experience with her son steeled her and gave her courage to carve out a life for herself in America, a country to which she says she owes everything. Her career as a freelance writer has been steady - she's reviewed books regularly for the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and other large newspapers. She lectures on literacy to organizations like the Rancho Santa Fe Professional Women's Club and the Vista Republican Women's Club. In February, however, Trinity College in Burlington, Vermont, canceled a lecture Rimland was to have delivered on her family's "escape from Stalinist Russia." College officials cited her Internet writings on the Holocaust as reason for the cancellation. Rimland sees the incident as just one more example of the "horrible persecution" endured by people who challenge the Holocaust's validity.

"I certainly had no idea of just how bad it would be when I started. I'm still surprised by the level of animosity. Frankly, before I became involved in Holocaust revisionism, I'd never so much as spent a half hour's worth of thought on Jews or anti-Semitism in my entire life. But in 1994 a friend invited me to attend a seminar in south Los Angeles sponsored by the Institute for Historical Review, the very well-known Holocaust revisionist organization. I was fascinated by what I heard. And when I saw the enormous roadblocks that were thrown up before any rational discussion of the issue, when I saw how absolutely opposed certain people were to the dissemination of this kind of information, I was convinced of its importance. I have very good journalistic skills and felt I could contribute them to the cause.

"All I do, I do out of love for my people, for the German people. We have been so maligned, so abused, so shackled by disinformation about the Holocaust. I am not motivated out of any animosity toward Jews. Holocaust revisionists are not motivated by anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is a very low-class thing. It's truly a thing of the lower classes, like skinheads. I have no skinhead friends. As a Mennonite, I love and am committed to the truth. Revisionism is a very scholarly discipline. We want to bring science and historical research to bear on three main issues: Hitler's ordering of the so-called 'Final Solution,' the existence of gas chambers as instruments for mass killing, and the numbers claimed to have been killed. We want to be allowed to get the information out there in the public eye where it can be debated and discussed by reasonable, rational people.

"I'm not really well-educated enough in these matters to say exactly how, but I do believe that there is organization at a governmental level to suppress this information and its open discussion. From people who have a vested interest in promoting disinformation about the Holocaust. Not all of these people are Jews.

"I want to stress that I am not anti-Semitic. But if you were to ask me if I believed that Jews had a corrosive effect on Aryan culture, on German culture, I would have to say yes. My work in Holocaust revision has helped me to understand that there is an enormous gulf between Jew and Aryan, an enormous abyss. Perhaps it is spiritual, although I believe that all that stuff about anti-Semitism being caused because Christians believe the Jews killed Jesus is just baloney. It is something very deep and very profound that goes back many centuries. You can sort of get an idea of what I'm talking about through culture. What Germans, what Aryans would call art, for example, Jews would consider kitsch. Another example is jazz. Jews love jazz. Germans don't like that kind of music; they find it irritating. Germans prefer more sentimental music, you know, schmaltzy music.

"But, once again, my interest in revisionism is not animated by these differences. I just want to get the facts about the war out there to the public. Hollywood turned Germany and German soldiers into caricatures. I want all the facts about the Holocaust to be openly available, to be debated. And once that's done, and if it's proven that Germans and Germany did all the terrible things they've been accused of, then, I swear to you, I will wear sackcloth and put ashes on my forehead. But first I and others must work to bring the facts to light. I know that I'm going to work as long as I am able. Just before I became involved with revisionism, I'd incorporated a charity, the Angel of America Scholarship Fund, that was to be geared to helping linguistically gifted children. I quickly discovered I didn't have time for both things. Then a member of my board of directors died. I gave up the idea of the scholarship fund, and I've dedicated myself to our Web site."

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