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The Terrace Rats: A Feral Childhood in Del Mar

North County before I-5

While the tin can house had a red tile roof like any other adobe home, it was never normal. “It was a natural celestial spot. Except for Red Rock, it had the highest peak on the mesa.”

Elephants and self-abuse

Even a lovebird masturbated

Matmail: Is it known whether animals masturbate? Two possible species that I considered were elephants and primates. —jwavrider, the Net Elephants? I don’t even want to know how you came up with that one in ...

Highway 52's paint splotches and how pantyhose are made

L'Eggs says shapely stockings done by hand

Dear Matt: What is the origin of all the colored paint splotches in both directions on Highway 52? There seem to be new ones all the time and of many different colors. Is it a ...

Why Bill Clinton uses so many pens to sign a bill

Idi Amin shopping at Safeway in Saudi Arabia, Papa Doc eating burgers in Paris

Dear Matt: Saw Bill Clinton on TV signing his name to a stack of documents. There were at least a dozen pens lined up on his desk, and he used a different pen for each ...

Mike Aguirre: Mayor, City Council, City Attorney – Recall Them All

My choice for city attorney is Chuck Abdelnour

A day after last week's ruling on the stadium case, plaintiff's attorney Michael Aguirre sat down for an interview, portions of which follow. I take it your view was that by ruling the way he ...

Hollandia Dairy started at Center City Parkway and Felicita in Escondido

Now at the corner of Mission and Mulberry, San Marcos

When Pete DeJung applied for a bank loan to start a dairy in 1951, he was turned down. "We didn't speak the language very well," recalls DeJung, who is Dutch. "We were very green in ...

Look out, Susan, et al – Darrel Issa reportedly running for Senate

"I'm going to be the anti-Huffington candidate"

Republican moneyman Darrel Issa, a financial mainstay of last year's GOP convention, is reportedly running for U.S. Senate. Issa, president of Vista-based Directed Electronics, told the California Political Review he expects to spend $8 million ...

Shell-shocked letters from Vietnam to San Diego

I quit, Love Clifford .

Prompted by a second glass of wine, Clifford’s dad said, “The way I treated my son, pushed Cliff into that war, I wouldn’t blame him if he accused me of intentionally wrecking his life.”

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