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Five San Diego micro-publishers: Chubasco, Gene Kira, OldCastle, Blue Dove, In One Ear

Dreamy, creative, and shrewd

Chris Ahrens lives in the kind of house any surfer would love. It’s on the hill above Cardiff, with a view of one of the best reef breaks in San Diego county. Wet suits are ...

Wear a lampshade when playing chess

Geniuses and their exploding brains

Matmail: Just received this urgent e-mail. “Doctors are blaming a rare electrical imbalance in the brain for the bizarre death of a chess player whose head literally exploded in the middle of a championship game. ...

The cinnamon of Red Hots and the cinnamon of Sara Lee

The oil that reacts with our heat receptors

Dear Matthew Alice: Why are cinnamon candies “red hot”? I have never thought the taste of a cinnamon roll or other baked good particularly eye-watering. — R.R., S.D. Tastes that bludgeon our senses have always ...

East-West Coast differences in packaging butter

It started with Germany vs. Denmark

Dear Matthew Alice: Why are margarine and butter sold in different shapes on the East and West Coasts? In the West, the cubes are short and fat, while on the East Coast they are long ...

Prop 208 would be good-bye to the old days

Casey Gwinn, Paul Pfingst, Bill Kolender

It's a politician's worst nightmare - even worse if you're a judge or sheriff, district attorney or city attorney. It's Proposition 208, the campaign finance reform initiative passed by voters last November, and it caps ...

What Do You Grow to Replace Avocados?

The sign on Steve Olson's office door says Olson Avocado Management. The logo on his jacket reads Olson Firewood. When you work in agriculture, you have to stay flexible. "Groves we planted 10, 20 years ...

$30,000 for a six-month San Diego "road hump study"

Judge Robert J. O'Neill goes to Big Sur for inner peace

Latest way to spend tax money at San Diego city hall: $30,000 for a six-month "road hump study." The city's contract with Kimley-Horn and Associates says the work will begin with "a survey of cities ...

Ken Kuhlken: Santa didn't give them dope

Rebellion, madness, and the last of a misspent youth

A half dozen Indians stood pointing hoses from which I could see no water escaping — they looked like a mime troupe parodying a fire brigade. One man threw down his hose and began stomping a circle around himself.

Jane and Michael Stern's Dog Eat Dog

A very human book about dogs and dog shows

Somebody once told us that if you like cats, you like all breeds of cats, but if you like a certain breed of dog, you don’t necessarily like other breeds of dogs.”

Let’s Be Friends

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