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Stadium Prophet

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The 24 hours I lost when crossing the international date line

Imagine if the line ran through Chicago

Mr. Mat Man: As I prepared to cross the international date line, an interesting question presented itself. What happens to the 24 hours I lost when I crossed it? The easy answer is that I ...

The Army Corps of Engineers is still part of the U.S. Army

A lot of planning, management, and contracting

Mr. Matt: Once and for all, what's up with the Army Corps of Engineers? Are they part of the U.S. Army? Do they fight in wars? — Roger, San Diego Hey, Rog, who do you ...

The mice habit of filling their water bowls with shavings

Try a gravity water bottle

God of Answers, Knower of All Things: I have owned several pet mice over the years, and year after year, mouse after mouse, they all engage in one behavior besides the usual poop-eat-sleep cycle. When ...

The Demise of Privilege at La Jolla High

There's a lot riding on Dana Shelburne's shoulders. He's principal of La Jolla High School, the only public high school in one of San Diego's most prestigious communities. Nestled in the shadows of the La ...

Does Coronado Train Killers?

The headline that brought me to a Navy seal reunion in Coronado is simple and startling. "seal training caused murder, lawsuit says." The story was published in the Virginian-Pilot, a daily paper out of Norfolk, ...

Christine & Brian & Lynn & Paul

San Diego's first openly gay city councilwoman, Democrat Christine Kehoe, is pondering whether to run for Congress next year against GOP incumbent Brian Bilbray, and she's already hired the polling firm of Evans-McDonough to test ...

After Job, Wife, and Family Fall into Place

Daddy reconsiders freedom.

"Your wife has left you and taken your first-born son." "Shut up." That conversation, held between Jon (my roommate from college) and me, made up what it lacked in length in frequency of occurrence. At ...

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