Content for Thursday, October 2, 1997

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It Will Give You Cancer. It Will Make Your Children Stupid. It Will Break Your Bones. The Fluoride Controversy Continues

Hillcrest dentist David Kennedy recently posed the following question to several friends with whom he was dining: What would you do if you knew that a toxic substance was going to be added to San ...

Boxes full of heartbreak

James Schuyler at UCSD

He read for an hour. Then stopped. Still, he’d never looked up. People rose to their feet. Clapped. Clapped louder. All at once Schuyler looked up from the table into the faces that fell down before him.

Why we pay a check at a restaurant and not a bill?

Perhaps the waiter wrote out a checklist then added the prices

Dear Matthew Alice: Why is it that when you dine in at a restaurant, the waiter leaves you with what is referred to as a check? Why is it not called a bill, since it's ...

The early use of "dope" for illegal drugs

Predecessors: thick sauce; a goopy lubricant or varnish; molasses-like melted opium

Matt: If you can avoid the obvious wise-guy answer, can you tell me how drugs got to be called “dope”? — No Dope, La Jolla We sure know our dope: early America, the Dutch word ...

What is good E. coli and what is bad E. coli

When the 0157:H7 guys get into our guts all hell breaks loose.

Matt Alice: I'm totally confused over this whole Escherichia coli ordeal I learned in microbiology that E. coli exists in our intestines. What's up with E coli 0157:H7? Where did it come from? How does ...

Why I Hate Football

What kind of a pantywaist am I?

Most things on television are moronic and violent, but these players aren't actors; the violence is real and we are invited to participate in the stands, in the parking lots, in our living rooms.

Come Float at My Dock

Should we or shouldn't we welcome the aircraft carrier Midway to San Diego Bay?

"San Diego is the right place to have this. It's a tourist town with naval history. It's like trying to have a steak house in Kansas City. You have to blow it for it not to work."

Nobody Doesn't Like Capital Gains

Mayor Susan Golding has filed a personal financial disclosure statement showing she has invested well in the pharmaceutical business. The mayor, who's seeking the U.S. Senate seat held by Barbara Boxer, is required by Senate ...

Where we get flower "bed"

“Hey, Gwinevere, the Balds are digging one of those, new king-size bhedhs.”

I have a new set of instructions from the research elves, communicated to me through a spokeself, who apparently lost a round of one-potato, two-potato. I have to warn them when there’s a word-origin question ...

600,000 Square Feet Wrapped in Sunset Red

Behind the scenes at Symphony Towers

“If you have an office building, 1 story, 30 stories, or 80 stories, the owner wants to look forward to a profit. One way, if the economy is good in that market area — you can raise the rents.”

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