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Childhood's End: Dr. Spock at 94

“For the last 20,30 years, I’ve been afraid of the day when I’d be senile. And I still haven’t gotten over that.” Morgan later assured the audience that Dr. Spock was hardly senile yet.

San Diego brides and brides-to-be who can't imagine divorce

Do I think we're going to be together forever? Yes.

Let's start off on a nice bleak note. The standard line these days is that one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. Given those odds and the trauma of pulling the threads of ...

Why your ATM machine keeps asking if you speak Spanish

Only when you enter PIN does it know you speak English

Matt: Okay, okay, the Braille on the ATM keys question has been addressed. Now what I want to know is, if the card/machine knows who I am, and how much money! have, and what my ...

Whether to leave my computer on all day

With energy-saving idle modes, the turn-it-off brigade is running out of arguments.

Dear Matt: Some people leave their computers on all day; others who use their computers less intensively turn them on and off as they need them. Leaving them on full time consumes more electricity but ...

Another difference between Hawaii and San Diego — tiled pools

Maui's got 'em

Matmail: Just getting back from living in Maui for a couple of months. In Maui I was tiling pools. Not just the edges, but the entire pool. Coming back to San Diego, I noticed that ...

Sex-club operator Thad Poppell comes out swinging

Sues city councilman Juan Vargas

Like most politicians, Eighth District City Councilman Juan Vargas hungers for publicity, but Vargas may regret one occasion when the press gave him the attention he asked for. A little over a year ago, Vargas ...

San Diego is hookers' paradise

Soft police, soft judges?

Call girls have been big business in San Diego for years, experienced observers say. They bring in millions, maybe tens of millions of dollars annually for high-powered pandering rings who use advertisements in newspapers, Yellow ...

San Diego grand jury to look into Chargers ticket guarantee

"This one is really big"

Word from good sources at city hall has it that the county grand jury has launched a major investigation of corruption charges involving the city's ticket guarantee contract with the Chargers. Under threat of subpoena, ...

La Mesa Boulevard began as a wagon trail

Where sweet peace and love abideth

The stretch of the Boulevard people call “the Village” runs from Spring Street up past Fourth. The Village hasn’t changed much since my boyhood, when I could overlook it from my bedroom window.

Fast drivers as escapists

They have adrenaline but not necessarily the full Type A constellation.

Sir: Is it true that people who drive or live their life at a fast pace are basically unhappy with their present life situation and are hopeful of getting away from it? — Aram Kaprielian, ...

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