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I Don't Ever Tell Death How Not To Take Me

They went from MCRD to Khe Sanh, Con Thien, Dewey Canyon, and finally San Diego

A lot of them — the kids, I mean — went to boot camp, came out of boot camp, got on an airplane to Vietnam, and went straight to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). One such ...

How and why the blind use an ATM

Especially a drive-up one

Matt: You know how ATM machines are... every bank is different. Some have buttons next to the screen, some have buttons on the counter below the screens. Some ask you if you want $20, $40, ...

Sealed fate

When is a SEAL not a SEAL? Too often, says Darryl Young, an ex-SEAL who trained in Coronado. Young heard of so many SEAL impostors that he helped form a group called the “U.S. Navy ...

Jamaica Kincaid's My Brother

And the death of New Yorker editor William Shawn

“The new editor at the New Yorker isn’t interested in writing, at all. At first I didn’t understand that she wasn’t interested in writing. That she was, you know, interested in giving a good party.”

World Wide Reich

Ingrid Rimland sees herself as a "determined, hardworking German mother." The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) sees her as a "ferociously anti-Semitic pro-Nazi apologist" - a characterization Rimland dismisses with impatience. "I am not a hateful person," ...

Boob Tube for Eggheads

It's 3:00 a.m. Sleep is beyond reach. You don't have cable; you have four channels, not counting those in Spanish. You've got an infomercial, Smokey and the Bandit III, news, and PBS - a show ...

Politician and the pornographer

George Gorton, Mayor Susan Golding's ex-boyfriend and current campaign guru, is raising eyebrows in state political circles. It seems that Nelson Communications, the public relations and lobbying firm Gorton has gone to work for in ...

Those sun billboards saying "use your cabeza"

Think of Sol beer.

Matt: My girlfriend and I have seen these sun billboards around town lately that say, “Use your cabeza.” We both have our guesses about what they're advertising, so we ended up making a bet. If ...

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