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Never in the History of the World Has Man Moved Such Volumes of Water Such Distances

A thinking man's plumber

The Romans were as efficient at plumbing as they were at building roads, bringing water from the hills into Rome, and used an astonishing 300 gallons per person per day, more than twice what even Californians use.

Why some restaurants charge tax on takeout food while others don't

Big pigs get big breaks

Hey, Answer Stud: Something that really ticks me off is the tax policy on restaurant fast-food locations. At some locations I will take food to go and notice that I am not taxed. Others, I ...

Anybody Who Saw Jan Kerouac Knew She Was Jack's Daughter

In an odd way she had tried to be her father, to live the way he lived.

"In 1992, she got about $40,000, I think, for the renewal of the film rights for On the Road. She thought that with this money she could move to Key West. She loved the blue water there."

How they put flavor in pipe tobacco


Greetings, Matt: We’ve got a few questions about tobacco. How do they “flavour” pipe tobacco — you know, to make it smell like cherries? Also, what about menthol cigarettes. Is that minty zing in the ...

Sniff those $20 Bills Before You Send Them to San Diego

Some would say Richard Barnett and Sheldon Sherman are in the ill-gotten gains business. The two downtown attorneys earn money honestly, all right, but not always from honest people: they often help drug dealers get ...

Blame the Computer

If you're a law-abiding citizen and you've lived in San Diego for a while, you can get complacent about crossing the border. The lines at the San Ysidro checkpoint, the perfunctory exchange with the inspectors, ...

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