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Dear Sister Philomena

A nun helped to change my life. She was cool and aloof. Like the Catholic Church of the time, she was tough and she brooked no question to her authority. Times have changed. The Catholic ...

Vampires on My Front Porch

The care and feeding of pale wigglers.

Sharon has found vermiculture to be fun and profitable, but her friends and relatives thought it was a nutty idea. “They thought I was absolutely crazy.” They’ve changed their minds now that she’s making money,

I-15 as the first automated freeway

Steering, speed, and braking controlled without human intervention

Mr. Alice: Just out of curiosity, what is with those rental trucks and cars parked in the I-15 car pool lanes when they’re not in use. Is this some top-secret mission? Are they having a ...

The weird numbers inside the frame of your glasses

They keep you from looking ultra-Mad magazine.

Dear Matt: What do those little numbers mean on the inside of the nose bridge of my glasses? Mine have the number 45 to the left, with a little square or box shape, and the ...

We Built These Clinics with Our Own Hands

'The Crisis is deeper now than ever," says Father Jose Luis Mendez, referring to what Mexicans have come to call "La Crisis," the economic misfortune that has swept the country since the 1994 peso devaluation. ...

A facelift without surgery

Facial-Flex — ThighMaster for your lips

Mattster: My lady friend is thinking of buying a face exerciser. She says it will get rid of her wrinkles by building up her face muscles. It’s like a face-lift without surgery. It sounds nuts, ...

Tell her the old lady hasn't got much time left

This week's theme is colon cancer

Some weeks in family practice have themes. This week's theme was colon cancer. Monday morning I went up to the sixth floor of the hospital to check on Viola. Now 86 years old, Viola is ...

Death - Something to Take Advantage Of

The last time I saw Allan, he was a broken man. Hooked up to machines that monitored his lifebeat; tubes pumping drugs in, needles taking blood out. His eyes were beyond bloodshot. Always slender, he ...

Let’s Be Friends

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