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Each Wave Shines like a Diamond

San Diego surf glossary — based on Trevor Cralle's Surfin’ary

A. AAAAHOOO! The first term found in a book on “surfspeak." is reported as the sound made by a surfer when up and riding a wave, when watching another surfer catch a hot ride, or ...

When MTV makes the screen hazy

T-shirts too promotional

Matt, you knower of all knows: I can’t sleep at night because of this, and I need to know. On MTV’s The Real World and Road Rules, it appears as though every now and then ...

Ball lightning in Wyoming

University of Oklahoma’s Severe Storm Lab gives their opinion

Attention: Mattfax: I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a large cold front sweep through the plains, but it’s pretty awe inspiring. In 1993, somewhere around the Wyoming state line, my wife and I drove ...

The strange eucalyptus at Balboa and Ruffin Road

Some tree trimmer has pummeled Mother Nature

Matmail: Did you know that there is a tree with a knot tied in it on the southwest corner of Balboa and Ruffin Road? Check it out. No one believes me till I show them. ...

That Howl Is the Hound of Heaven

Spiritual disillusionment in Balboa Park.

Downtown looked like a fashion show for uniforms. Bob suggested we forget the crusade and follow the swabbies to the Hollywood Burlesque. Cliff asked, “Why bother with the Hollywood when in TJ they show it all off?”

High-Stakes Game

As the debate about expansion of the stadium rages on, callers to radio talk shows have voiced a consistent, plaintive question: "How could the city council have negotiated such a bad deal for taxpayers?" Veteran ...

Passports, Body Bags

I was selling rum in Venezuela in the '60s," says John Norton, "when I met some girls from the Swedish Embassy. One finally became vice consul in L.A. She suggested me for the job of ...

Welcome to NAFTA

Last October, Japanese newspapers broke the story that Sony would no longer manufacture its PlayStation video game machine at its San Diego plant in Rancho Bernardo. Instead, the reports went, all of the games would ...

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