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Why egg nog is a Christmas drink

From January 1 through the end of November, they can’t give the stuff away

Dear Matthew Alice: As the season of “Eat, drink, and be merry!" begins, so; too does the appearance of eggnog at our local grocery stores. Why do the vendors not sell this delicious drink all ...

Polly Wants a High Bid

Parrots are like drugs. People crave them. People smuggle them. The government tries to stop it, but smugglers are smart, and people demand parrots. After drugs, people make more money smuggling wildlife across the U.S. ...

Misty Memories

When Marguerite Henry died last month at the age of 95, a relationship that began for me more than 35 years ago came to a premature end. Henry and I met for the first and ...

Home sweet home

National media types are getting their jollies from the way the Union-Tribune has covered this year's unprecedented round of big San Diego stories. First it was the cross-country murder spree of Bishop's School alum Andrew ...


Tennis pro Geoff Griffin, Chargers' Equipment Manager, USD Assistant Basketball Coach, former San Diego Sockers coach, SDSU volleyball coaches, pro bowlers and more talk about their respective balls.

The last 4 of my parents' 17 children are boys. I am the second to last. Being boys, we loved sports and we did little else but play them. My younger brother Peter and I ...

What Good Is Dad For?

Thanks to the patriarch.

Christmastime is here, and to commemorate the Father's gift of His Son to the world, fathers everywhere are buying loot for their kids. Oh, what a generous God; oh, what a generous Dad. This is ...

Why the Nutcracker's central character is called Clara

ETA Hoffman's original had her as Marie

Matthew Alice: ETA Hoffmann, from whose story of the Nutcracker the popular ballet story is taken, called his central character Marie, I believe, but the ballerina is called Clara. Why and when was the name ...

What makes a Christmas tree "fresh"

Cut in California or Oregon as early as Thanksgiving

Dear Matthew Alice: I notice that one sells anything but “fresh” Christmas trees. How fresh is “fresh”? Were these trees actually cut last weekend, or maybe last September? Does die FDA or FTC or anyone ...

How they spell out the word “JOY” at the Mission Valley Hilton

80 windows dedicated every Christmas

Dear Matthew Alice: How does the Mission Valley Hilton manage to spell out the word “JOY” every holiday season in 'what appear to be its lighted windows? Do they.perhaps have rock-bottom room rates for guests ...

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