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What's on a cheerleader's mind

Girls go up, girls come down

It's noon on a midsummer Saturday in a camp of the church of cheer, and eight million blades of grass are about to die. For the next four days, UC Irvine’s Mesa Court Field will ...

Are We Ready to Rumble?

Tourism from Southern California is huge in Rosarito Beach; it's the town's principal revenue-generating industry and bigger now than ever. But a problem has emerged in the past few years that threatens those revenues and ...

How I Slaved Away During My Summer Vacation

Nationwide last year, some 20.7 million youths - 64.1 percent of 14- to 18-year-olds - worked at paying jobs. Below, seven local teens talk about their summer jobs - how they got them, what they ...

Shaking and sliding

Pete Wilson's ex-maid, Josepha Klag, is set for a deportation hearing in United States Immigration Court here this coming Wednesday. Allegations that Klag had been in the country illegally when she worked for Wilson and ...

Kalmias don't grow here and they are redundant because of Laurel

San Diego’s strange street-namers

Matthew: Ash Street, Beech Street, Cedar Street...Hawthorn, Ivy, Kalmia, Laurel... Uh, wait a minute. Kalmia? Redwood, Spruce, Thom, Upas.... Upas? Does a kalmia grow on Kalmia or a upas on Upas? — Tree Hugger, Uptown ...

The difference between charcoal and charcoal briquettes

Carefully cooked wood

Matmail: Why does charcoal burn? Isn’t it already burned? Or is it only mostly burned? What gives? — Bryan Coon, San Diego Charcoal is simply carefully cooked wood. Mankind figured out this one many centuries ...

How number keypads on computers differ from phone keypads

Computer designers placed the frequently used zero and one at the low end

Dear Matt: I apologize if you’ve already been asked this question. Then again, who cares. You get paid for this. What a life. Anyway, a few of my associates and I were wondering why the ...

The purpose of ice in urinals

A chilled receptacle didn’t smell as bad as an un-iced one.

Dear All-Knowing One: Why is it that you sometimes see urinals filled with ice in public restrooms? Is the ice just dumped there to get rid of it, or does it serve a purpose? — ...

When the Bungalows Came to Town

National City's eclectic architecture

The California bungalow had its origins in India, another crackling-hot destination in need of cheap, cool housing. The bengalas, as the conquering Brits called them, were small, open, one-story huts with wide verandas.

I Said I Was Looking Forward to Trying to Raise a Saint

Water, words, and God.

Though he could star in commercials for products that promise a perfect, healthy baby, I believe Finian was born flawed. Though his sleeping face suggests cherubic innocence, I believe he entered the world stained with ...

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