Content for Thursday, April 24, 1997

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San Diego's juvenile delinquents — how to treat them

Not exactly everyone's favorite people

In the official records of San Diego’s Juvenile Justice Commission he is known simply as Derrick C. Derrick was 12 years old the first time he appeared in a criminal courtroom, in 1990, wearing county-issued ...

What happens to a spider's body when it dies

When alive, tiny hydraulic systems keep their legs out straight

Matthew: Do all spiders die with their legs scrunched up in a little ball, or is it just the ones in my house? — Anna, San Diego Anybody’s dead spiders do that leg thing. When ...

Harry Mathis says he didn't know ESPN's plans to turn La Jolla Shores Bl. into a racetrack

Community activists in La Jolla blame Mathis for oversized "trophy houses"

Had it not been for his wife, Harry Mathis says he never would have known about ESPN's plans to use La Jolla Shores Drive for a high-speed X Games skating demonstration - plans that were ...

Larry Lucchino polls re where to put San Diego Stadium

Where Lane Field was, Centre City East, about 10th to 12th Street, right next door?

It was opening day, 1994. I was at the Murph to see if the Padres had sold the toilet seats yet. Management had been unloading players and their contracts, laying off secretaries, rationing office supplies ...

Ex-KFMB TV editor Carl Sisskind now public relations consultant to the city of San Diego

San Diego's Southwest Marine is getting ready to build customized submarines

Ex-KFMB TV editorial director Carl Sisskind has picked up a new gig as a public relations consultant to the city of San Diego, and he's putting a favorable spin on some controversial issues dear to ...

What happens to all the copies of films after they've run their course

Big Harrison Ford confusion on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hey, Matthew: What happens to all the copies of films after they've run their course? Take for instance a movie such as the rereleased Star Wars. It was probably showing in ten theaters in San ...