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Where Everybody Is a Star

"The universe is a bar," Buck says between swigs of beer, in one of those lines that led the late poet William Stafford to observe, "Everyone wanders into poetry sometimes." If Buck hadn’t just told ...

Golf course concessions own the golf balls

The city does own Torrey Pines and the course at Morley Field in Balboa Park

To: Matmail: The City of San Diego owns how many golf balls? — A. Pismo Clam, La Jolla Okay, I’ll bite. My answer is zero, but something tells me Senor Clam is already preparing his ...

DNA — right, left, and twisted

Transplanted liver, heart, whatever, will always bear the donor’s DNA.

Dear Mat: Since even a minute quantity of somebody’s blood can be analyzed to determine the person’s DNA, what happens when somebody’s entire blood has been replaced by someone else’s blood during a transfusion? — ...

Pennsylvania soldiers on

What if you had a 30-year-old fire near you?

Dear Matthew Alice: I lived in Pennsylvania in the 1960s. One of the things that I remember about the place is that there were underground coal fires that had been burning for years. Have they ...

The story behind marischino cherries

Soak ’em in brine for a while, douse ’em with red dye #40

Dear Matthew: A cocktail waitress at Milligan’s told me that a maraschino cherry will stay in your stomach for four years. Something to do with the preservatives. This seems unlikely, at best, but it raises ...

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