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Kemp and the Fugitive

Fotomat, Jack Kemp, and misbehavior.

The hills of La Jolla have long been full of thieves and liars. Cliff Graham was a classic of both genres. Compact, red-headed, with bulging biceps, he was admired by his ski buddies for his ...

Villager Peak

Villager and Rabbit peaks remain difficult and remote hiking destinations.

Spotted with weather-beaten piñon pines, Villager Peak in the southern Santa Rosa Mountains rises nearly a mile above the lowlands of Anza-Borrego Desert. Serious “peak baggers” from around the state are drawn to its summit, ...

Sleep habits of bugs and other animals

Cows and sheep only catnap

Dear Matthew: Do insects sleep? Are there any regular animals that don’t? I guess I mean mammals, birds, and reptiles. — Carolyn Kurtz, Valley Center Well, personally, I haven’t gotten a solid eight hours since ...

Why Goldmans can sue O.J.Simpson

Even after he was declared innocent

Matt: How can O.J. Simpson be sued for wrongful death when we legally have to assume he didn’t do it? I can understand such a suit if the criminal court declared him guilty, but he ...

Why the full Doonesbury doesn't run in San Diego

And some Peanuts get cut, too

To Whom It May Concern: Have you ever noticed that comic readers in San Diego don’t receive the artist’s full comic? Notice the missing panels in “Peanuts” and “Doonesbury” in the enclosed Sunday comics sections ...

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