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The great families who created San Diego are still angry

Estudillos, Argueilos, Bandinis, Alvarados, Carillos, Machados, Wrightingtons, Crosthwaites, Serranos, Osunas

Two years ago he returned to Marcel Marceau in Ohio and told him the ancient story of the first deer hunt from the Kupa people up in Warner Springs. “I wanted to make a mime of it."

Close enough for government work

Source for this phrase — a military contractor

Dear Mr. Alice, This may be a tough one, but I was wondering where the expression “close enough for government work” comes from. I have asked many people over the years but never even got ...

Sidney will hold summer Olympics in our fall

And actually Australia's spring

Dear Matt: After last summer’s Olympics, we discovered that the 2000 Summer Olympics will take place in Australia. What I would like to know is if it will take place during their summer or during ...

Sirens remind dogs of their ancestors

Howling is to keep members of the pack in touch

Dear Matthew Alice: Why does my dog howl when he hears sirens? What is he saying? — Jake, San Diego Loosely translated, it’s something like, “I’m over here, strange fellow canine. Follow my voice and ...

Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Pluto — all have three fingers

What is Disney telling us about animals?

Dear Matt: Why do Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy have only three fingers instead of four? I know Donald Duck has a wing, so that can be drawn with as many fingers ...

David Lehman and The Best American Poetry 1996

His guest editors include John Ashbery, Mark Strand, Charles Simic, Louise Gluck, and Richard Howard

"I had just moved to the house in Ithaca. I was driving back to the old rental. On the way over it occurred to me there wasn’t a yearly ‘best of’ book devoted to American poetry."

Dog years and cat years - how to measure them

By the end of the second dog year, your pup is in his physical prime—buffed and lookin’ good

Dear Matthew Alice: I’ve heard that there’s such a thing as dog years, and that one dog year is the same as seven human years, so is there such a thing as cat years? — ...