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La Jolla, 1962

A father, two sons, and the merciless summer sun

On the hot, breathless, soft, fragrant afternoon of my graduation from Princeton it seemed that everything good was note merely latant but unavoidable, folded and in the bag. I’d worked like a Turk those past ...

Debris of an Early Spring Garden

My father died and I just started weeding

Last year I pulled bucketful after bucketful of radishes from the ground. I sat on the patio and scrubbed them clean. I ate a few, but most times I’d forget to bring them inside.

How something can be reduced 2 1/2 times

More than 100 percent smaller doesn't mean it disappears

Matmail: How can anything be reduced more than one time? Like in today’s U-T food section, rats given low fat got 2 1/2 times less incidence of cancer. I’ve asked financial experts (who use the ...

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Donuts

A precise account from Donut Touch's Ben Alvati on Mira Mesa Boulevard

I buy a shortening they have designed only for frying donuts —100 percent vegetable oil. A mix of cottonseed and soybean. Nobody uses lard anymore. Shortening ranges from $15 for a 50-pound box to $22.

Dead men can vote by absentee ballot

They don't have to stick around

Dear Matthew Alice: What would happen if somebody filed an absentee ballot but then died before election day? Would their vote count? — E.B., Serra Mesa If you’re lively enough to actually get the ballot ...

One out of four adults, regardless of sex, national origin, IQ, or mental stability, is a nail-biter

One third of nail-biters do it to toenails

Why do so many people bite their nails? — Michelle, San Diego It's been studied scientifically, so there are a few reliable things we can say about onychopagia. Unfortunately, "why" isn't one of them. Every ...

Peckerwood — white-supremacist high schoolers in Lancaster-Palmdale area,

Also see cracker, hillbilly, and redneck

Have you ever heard of a prison group called Peckerwood? I'm curious to know if this association is similar to the Aryan Nation or worse. — Brent, La Jolla A few of them have ended ...

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