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My son's first year at Bird Rock Elementary

Nice as a bunny, mean as a shark, quiet as a poodle

September 6, 1994—Yesterday I sat down with Elliot and a copy of Harry Goes to the Fun Zone. He as delighted. We’ve read it so many times, but he likes books that have already given ...

Club Med within the walls of the Imperial Summer Palace

Sino self-indulgence

Dear Matt: My friend says there’s a Club Med in China. Can this be true? — Doubtful, El Cajon There was. And there will be. But there isn’t one now. In the late ’80s Club ...

The logic of airport abbreviations like SAN

Think about Nashville, BNA (Barry Field); Knoxville, TYS (Tyson Field); Spokane, GEG (Geiger Army Air Field)

Dear Mr. Alice: My friend James and I have discussed the possibilities and can reach no logical conclusion. We simply wish to know the meaning of X as it is used in LAX or for ...

O.J.'s trial part of civil rights struggle?

What we find in the end is cartoons

Only minutes before, Cochran had unctuously and fatuously portrayed the O.J. Simpson case as part of the long and unending struggle for civil rights in America, comparing this murder trial to the battles against slavery.

Coronado Playhouse director got so drunk he spoiled the first performance

Actors' nightmares

The Old Globe is the big enchilada. If you’re an actor and you’re fortunate enough to grace this stage, you are cool. You’re not too concerned about acting lessons or becoming an extra in a movie.

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