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SEALS give first-hand account of America's Cup spying, part 1

Koch overboard

"Koch's edge over Conner, and later over the Italian team he thrashed to take the Cup, was achieved with the help of espionage tactics... [that included] sending frogmen armed with bubble-free 'rebreathers' to inspect competing ...

The skim that forms on top of milk

Casein and calcium clumping together

Hey, Mattie Alicia: Why does a skin form on top of milk when you heat it up? — Insomniac in U.C. Milk is a pretty unstable liquid. Treat it badly, heat it too high too ...

Port of L.A. paying to restore Batiquitos Lagoon

Making up for San Pedro havoc

Dear Matthew Alice: I was driving up PCH the other day, just south of Carlsbad State Beach, where a new bridge is being built. Out of idle curiosity, I read the “Your Tax Dollars at ...

Hollywood success measured only in dollars

The day movie-making becomes a people business is the day Sly Stallone is out of a job

Dear Matthew Alice: Why is it when a new movie opens, its success (or failure) is measured in dollars, such as “...grossed only $1.9 million in its first weekend” or “...has grossed $100 million to ...

Charles Bukowski: an appreciation


I got up, went in, pulled down my pants, sat down, thought, fucking often has nothing to do with being “lovers” and fucking seldom has much to do with literature and literature has nothing to ...

Catherine wheel is named after saint

Dear Matthew Alice: Who or what is “Catherine Wheel”? I know there’s an English musical group by that name, and I’ve seen a pub in England named Catherine Wheel. Please enlighten me. — Michelle S., ...

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