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Frank Chin does the California coast and takes on Asian icons

Do not sell your children to monsters

I don’t expect to be ambushed by the fans of Maxine Hong Kingston, David Henry Hwang, and Amy Tan in Portland. They show up to vent their moral outrage and save my soul.

What the blackness in space is

Failure of the Hubble telescope

“MISCELLANEOUS ELOQUENCE: University of Washington astrophysicist Dr. Bruce H. Magon, quoted by The New York Times on the continuing inability of science to measure or infer what the ‘blackness’ in space is, even though, by ...

Arizona Republic writer ignores nastiness of MTV Spring Break

Follows the Union-Tribune hype

Last year, MTV rolled into town for a spring break taping session at Mission Beach, and the Union-Tribune opened the floodgates of hype, churning out column after column about how hip and harmless the event ...

Woman's World Shops leaves El Cajon

Unfriendly to fatties?

San Diego may have lost much of its aerospace industry, but that's nothing compared to the gaping hole El Cajon is about to face. Woman's World Shops - makers of extra-large clothing for the extra-big ...

Press gives Fiesta Island dried sewage black eye

America's Finest Sludge

That gooey stuff spread out all over Fiesta Island may look like dried sewage and smell like dried sewage, but to Susan Hamilton, deputy. director of San Diego's clean water program, it's a precious commodity. ...

John Moores blew more than $200,000 on Kathleen Brown in California and Ann Richards in Texas.

Strike three

It's been 11 years since the Padres were number 1 at anything, but new owner John Moores tops the list of professional baseball team owners who contributed money to federal candidates or a national party ...

Quick Picks now over 50 percent of Lotto winners

Up from 35 percent

Matthew: I was curious to know what percent of Lotto winners win from Quick Picks. — Jim Sharkey, Pacific Beach Last time we profiled the “typical” Lotto winner, the Quick Pickers were really lagging, somewhere ...

Lightning doesn't electrocute fish

The bolt dissipates at sea

Dear Matthew Alice: When lightning strikes the ocean, why doesn’t all the sea life get electrocuted? Wouldn’t it be just like a radio falling into someone’s bathtub? — C.B., San Diego Well, if we’re talking ...

Why the proof is in the pudding

It's really the eating

M.A.: Where did we get the stupid expression “The proof is in the pudding”? It doesn’t seem to mean anything to me. — Wondering, San Diego “Stupid,” like, why the proof s in pudding and ...

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