Content for Thursday, March 16, 1995

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The pinch-hitters answer questions on the Padres strike

Replacement players on an authentic vision of the Pads

I asked how they felt about the union. Pete jumped on that one. “Well, they’re calling us scabs. They’re trying to intimidate people into not playing. They’re trying to enhance their position. And we’re trying to enhance our position.”

The correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy

Between friends

McCarthy said she felt sorry for Hitler who “was so absurd as to want the love of his victims.”. Arendt, offended, replied, “How can you say such a thing in front of me — a victim of Hitler!”

The four corners of San Diego County: In-Ko-pah, Imperial Beach, Camp Pendleton, Anza-Borrego

Coyote. Tarantula. Silence. Sea.

“San Diego? This isn’t a county, it’s a country!” This how it starts. Dave, sounding off after a couple of beers. Dave’s latest rave is San Diego County. You might call him a county nationalist. ...

Arnold, OJ, and the brain from Planet Arous

That’s right: HIM. L.A. judge who let O.J. walk, no jail time

A decisive factor in Schoenberg’s terminal discomfort with America had to be the unsettling presence of ruling modernist pickle-herring Igor Stravinsky. Both lived in L.A., hung out in emigre circles, they had friends in common.

People from other countries are pushy waiting in line

Germans especially touchy about personal space

Dear Matthew Alice: This is a pretty strange question, but I just have to ask it. It’s been driving me crazy. Have you ever noticed that people from other countries sometimes are kind of pushy ...