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Slalom skaters in San Diego Community Concourse garage

Road rash at Second and Ash

They exchange names of famous skateboarders from San Diego: Doug Saladino, Steve Cathey, Henry Hester, Bob Skolberg, Greg Weaver. No one mentions Mark “Gator” Anthony, the famous San Diego skateboarder who murdered a girl in P.B. in 1990.

O.J. trial makes me want to leave L.A.

Does nothing EXIST anymore that isn’t TV?

Let’s face it: as football commentator, film actor, star of high-visibility commercials, O.J. was my-t-bland. He was exactly the sort of bland BLACK ex-jock TV is always hiring to be unoutspoken, undangerous.

Margaret Churchill's letters to dead husband

I loved you with all my heart

These are our “golden years,” dear, and when I first met you I worried you might end up in the Golden West Hotel. I never dreamed it could be something worse: a hospital.

Proust and the flavor of Fizzies

Choo-Choo Cherry, Goofy Grape, Jolly Oily Orange, Loudmouth Punch, Freckle-Faced Strawberry, Lefty Lemonade, Rudy Tutti-Frutti, Pistol Pink Lemonade, Captain Black Cherry, and With-It Watermelon

Dear M.A.: Whatever happened to Fizzies, those little lozenges that bubbled up into a glass of flavored drinks? I must have some again. Did they disappear as a health hazard? — Brian Schmidtberger, North Park ...

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