Content for Thursday, August 17, 1995

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Pat Welsh, the Julia Child of Gardening

Why does San Diego have so many tropicals and sub-tropicals?

At lunch she is joined by her husband, Louis Welsh, whose parents, Frances and John Lloyd Wright (son of Frank Lloyd Wright), both now deceased, lived next door. Pat and Lou eat in the garden if it’s sunny.

How infants sweat

Not just on their scalps

Matthew Alice: As the mother of young children, I’ve always wondered, why do small children and infants sweat only on their scalps? — Sherry Valencia, San Diego Um, didja peek into the Dr. Dentons and ...

Itching in an embarrassing spot

Pinworms? Perfumed toilet paper? Too much scratching?

Dear Matthew Alice: My friends and I have discovered we all have something in common: frequent anal itching. My roommate explained to me this was caused by bugs that could be seen if a piece ...

The secret life of San Diego's alleys

Eyes put on the street

Today in Mission Hills’ neighborhoods a few blocks north and south of Fort Stockton Drive, Sunset Boulevard, and Juan Street, alleys have a different feeling than straight alleys in Pacific Beach.

Special buttonholes for your pencils

One of Brooks’s brothers even demonstrated the fashion disaster averted by them

Dear Matthew Alice: I have a shirt that has a pocket on the left upper front that has a buttonhole and stitches down one side (top to bottom) about the width of a pencil. I’ve ...

Adventures in he-man cuisine

Just relax and I'll get dinner

Pulling out a chair for Peggy, I notice there is a rank smell, and it’s coming from the kitchen. “I’ll be right back,” I mumble and roll over to the doorway. THERE’S A GREASE FIRE!

What’s Ben and Jerry’s newest flavor?

What did these Deadheads give back to my community? Mess. Noise.Traffic. Bad LSD.

I’d heard the news by 9:00 a.m. Jerry Garcia had been found dead of natural causes at a rehab center in Marin. A former roommate who currently lives in L.A. had called me to gloat ...