Stories for November 1994

Thursday, November 24


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A shirt for a surf hero

The Rusty Preisendorfer story is a San Diego story

Five-thirty on a workday evening, the traffic is backed up stoplight to stoplight on Miramar Road, and 805 is choked from Chula Vista to Del Mar. At a shaded business park on Commerce Avenue, the ...

Wednesday, November 23

Absentee voters who die before election day

Their votes count

Dear Matthew Alice: The recent election has raised a question in my mind. The Registrar of Voters is letting people vote early at her office, and we've always been able to file absentee ballots. What ...

Thursday, November 17

If It Turns out I'm an Investigator He Says They'll Kill Me

How easy is it to buy a Green Card?

Even when he had more with him than just the pair of blue-and-white shorts he wore when the border patrolman and five classified-duty Marines found him, he wouldn’t have had an ID. Crossing, you’re anonymous. ...

The bee's knees and dressed to the nines — where they come from

A challenge from Princeton

Dear Matthew: I was in Princeton last week suffering the stings of East Coast intellectualism. I succumbed to bragging about San Diego’s own Matthew Alice. My Princetonian responded with a challenge. “Have this maven of ...

Loser's Guide to Lakeside

Meth, bikers, drunk drivers, white trash

Guy Castiglione, 42, a Lakeside resident, was president of the San Diego chapter of the Hell’s Angels. He was arrested May 13, 1989, with two pounds of crystal at the Border Patrol checkpoint near Temecula on Interstate 15.

Flat Earth Society headquartered in Lancaster CA

And the tie to O.J. Simpson

Dear Sir: A while ago I read an article that mentioned the Flat Earth Society. Does it still exist? Did it ever really exist, or is it just a name made up to epitomize stupidity? ...

Down, Down, Down She Goes

Helen Copley can’t be much of a happy camper these days. During the first half of the year, Copley’s flagship newspaper, the Union-Tribune, lost 3 percent of its average daily circulation, down to about 372,000; ...

Thursday, November 10

The Debris of What You Really Do

A Literary Peeping Tom At UCSD

Among Schuyler’s papers at UCSD, I happened upon a file marked “Eileen Myles.” The folder consisted mostly of postcards and hand-written notes attached to manuscripts she’d given Schuyler to read. Finally I spied a two-page letter.

The red dye on twenty-dollar bills

Dye is applied to bills during counting and wrapping

Dear Matthew Alice: I just borrowed another 20 bucks from my dad. The 20 in question has red dye along one edge. Was it involved in a bank robbery—you know, exploding dye packs and all? ...

Chocolate covered cherries, Dutch chocolate, and M&Ms

Cocoa is just chocolate with most of the fatty cocoa butter removed

Dear Matthew: My favorite candy is chocolate-covered cherries. But I can't figure out how they make them. Do they cover the cherry with chocolate and then squirt the juice in somehow? Do they make the ...

Sweet-and-sour pork-u-pines...

What potlucks told about our Episcopal church

“Oh, my gosh, look at all this food!” And, “I always look forward to Mrs. Cummer’s lovely pea-and-baby-onion salad!” and “I can’t help but want more than my share of Mrs. Gibbons’ cheddar biscuits!”

Thursday, November 3

A Little Bit East of Eden

Evolution debate on full display Creation Museum in Santee

Ken Cumming, dean of ICR’s graduate school, said he didn’t like me hanging around the offices trying to “pump” faculty and staff members for information since I was the “enemy.”

Anti-semitic paper The Truth at Last

Tells us about kosher food

Matthew Alice: I found this newspaper stuck under my windshield wiper. I went to the supermarket to verify some of the allegations made. Indeed, I did find the “K” and the “U" symbols on many ...

Divorce Isn't About Itself, But What Went Before

The word was, he'd abandoned his family for a cocktail waitress.

Norman Mailer would eat lunch there and Germaine Greer, Zero Mostel, and Lauren Bacall. We began to feel like stars ourselves, as if we were actors in some romantic, intellectual art film.

The advantage of mylar over latex helium balloons

Latex is porous

Dear Matthew Alice: A couple of weeks ago, I bowed under pressure at the supermarket and bought my three-year-old daughter one of those helium-filled Mylar balloons. Now as I write, I’m staring at this thing ...

Clinton-and-Brown-Loving, Rich Texas Liberal Seeks Date with Padres

Who John Moores is

Moores started his own company, BMC Software, in the Houston suburb of Sugar Land in 1980, with a $1000 investment. He had to cover some company costs with his personal credit card.

God's Country Remembered

How San Diego found its way into The Mortician's Apprentice

I grew up on the east edge of Rolando Village. Rolando was, and is, a fine neighborhood of middle-class houses and lawns; but our street, Judson Way, was an unpaved road that went through a shallow arroyo.

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