Stories for May 1994

Thursday, May 26

Love in a Burning Building

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Stone Temple Crush

Lead singer Scott Weiland attacks fan, faces suit

Stone Temple Pilots, the San Diego-hatched band that became the darling of MTV and a mainstay on the Billboard record charts, lias gotten into big trouble. On May 6, a district court in Boston heard ...

All dogs can bury bones

A shadowy, wild heritage

Dear Matthew Alice: Why does my dog have a tendency to bury his bones? Do they like to bury all bones or just certain types? Do all dogs do this? — S. Benson, San Diego ...

The effect of helium on our voices

Want to sound like Minnie Mouse?

Dear Matthew Alice: How exactly does the gas helium make the pitch of your voice change? — Dave R., San Diego That intriguing cartoon character effect isn’t caused by any strange workings of helium on ...

We are our saliva

Easier to get volunteers for this kind of study

Dear Matthew: My friend tells me that he read that scientists can figure out from somebody's spit whether or not a person is likely to be a criminal when they grow up. I think he's ...

Bastard in Love

The Laser that wouldn't die

Every Laser sailor knows the joint between mast step tube and deck is the greatest pinpoint stress location on board the boat. All of the drive created by the rig above is transmitted directly through this joint,

Thursday, May 19

Sneakers thrown on telephone wires — what it means

The heart of urban legends

Dear Matt: Somewhere I seem to have heard that sneakers tied together and thrown over telephone lines have some kind of meaning. Has something to do with drugs, but nobody I've talked to is quite ...

The Betty Page mystique

The role of San Diegan Dave Stevens, creator of The Rocketeer comics

Mighty Matt:I've seen her name mentioned in an issue of the Reader a few weeks ago. Matt Groening has also mentioned her name in the first issue of "Simpson Comics." Last week I saw her ...


Can you imagine somewhere you’ve been? I mean, in person, actually been. That all depends — on what you call imagination, and how you want it to work for you. I was in Southern California ...

Thursday, May 12

Long-necked Bananza

This cover story has not yet been posted. However, you can download the digital edition to view any story from this issue.

Why JDs are not doctors

Doctors were teachers, lawyers were helpers

To His Royal Mattjesty: PhDs, MDs, ODs, DCs, etc., are all customarily referred to as "Doctor." Why aren't JDs? After all, a D is a D, isn’t if? — David A. Pomerantz, MA, BA, AS, ...

The two settings on a stapler

Depends on how long you want papers attached

Dear M.A.: Why do staplers have two settings on the base plate for the direction in which the staple bends? Everyone (I know of) uses the setting that bends the staple inward. What is the ...

Hem Food

Papa loved to cook

“’Fraid of nothing,” Ernest Hemingway’s mother recorded his saying when he was a toddler. Hemingway sought out wars in Italy, Spain, China, and France. He followed the bulls in Spain and hunted lion in Africa. ...

Thursday, May 5

An Ugly Toad's Promise

Chinese hiding under a rock in Baja

I’m one of the Chinese Americans who cringe at the word “Chinaman” and understand spoken Chinese but can’t and won’t speak it and hear Chinamen telling everyone what kind of stupid American-born fool I am.

Smoking on San Diego buses gets a small fine

Easting, drinking, playing radio more grievous

Dear Matthew Alice: I recently rode a San Diego municipal bus, which was a loathsome and hideous experience. While riding, I noticed a sign that listed activities that are prohibited by law. The sign stated ...

At Fort Rosecrans, You Can't Take Much with You

R.O. Peterson's funeral served to underscore the overcrowding at Fort Rosecrans.

“Right now there are 500 deceased veterans from San Diego and around the country waiting to be placed in the wall. R.O. Peterson is 500th on a 500-person list to receive the honor.”

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