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Whether human pheromones work

Suppose you’re a jerk with a bad haircut and no financial prospects

Dear Matthew Alice: Is there such a thing as human pheromones? Some perfume company is selling something they claim makes men and women irresistible to each other because it mimics the human natural attractant chemicals. ...

Our town of Nestor and Nestorianism

Nestorius, the patriarch of Constantinople, was declared a heretic in 431

M. Alice: Is there any relationship between our local village of Nestor (east of I. Beach) and Nestorianism, the early Christian heresy? — Jim Edwards, Coronado Nestor a nest of Nestorians? Not likely. There once ...

Watch out for spinach and rhubarb

Calcium oxalate is undissolvable in water

Hey, Matthew: What is it in raw spinach that makes your teeth feel gritty and funny? — Downtown Abe Think spinach makes your teeth feel weird — dig into a dish of rhubarb, friend. Both ...

Why people bite their nails

It's a long-term habit

Dear Mr. Alice: Why is it that so many people bite their nails? — Michelle, San Diego It’s been studied scientifically, so there are a few reliable things to say about onychophagia. Unfortunately, “why” is ...

A Little History on Imperial Beach

Streets paved in the 1940s

Imperial Beach was originally part of an 1846 land grant from the Spanish Crown to the benefit of one Pedro Cabrillo. Queen Victoria was on the throne and Grover Cleveland was president when the first ...

Why flannel is so warm and marble so cold

You would not expect these answers

Dear Matthew Alice: The question I’ve always been meaning to ask: Why are flannel sheets warmer than cotton sheets? They aren’t just thicker and keep you warmer eventually, they feel warmer to the touch at ...

One Tough Town

Why they live in Imperial Beach

“If you use eminent domain, you’re setting up people who spent life savings to live on the beach. Now, they’re going to be forced out to build a giant hotel for tourists from out of town.”

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