Stories for December 1994

Thursday, December 22

Room at the Inn

This cover story has not yet been posted. However, you can download the digital edition to view any story from this issue.

Thursday, December 15

Buses Are a Bit Like Bread

A love letter to San Diego Transit

CHRIST! “8:45,” says the radio. Still shaving. It’ll be halfway up the Silver Strand already. Don’t rush, don’t rush. You’ll cut yourself. “Can you find my wallet!” I yell. I’m running round hauling trousers on. ...

Beat Lit Writ Large

What Beat is. What Beat is and isn't. Stuff like that.

Ten, 12 years ago I was talking to some small-press jerk, a publisher of pamphlets and broadsides and occasional 40-page books and such, who didn't much care for the Beats. His idea of a Real ...

Thursday, December 8

A Little History on Imperial Beach

Streets paved in the 1940s

Imperial Beach was originally part of an 1846 land grant from the Spanish Crown to the benefit of one Pedro Cabrillo. Queen Victoria was on the throne and Grover Cleveland was president when the first ...

One Tough Town

Why they live in Imperial Beach

“If you use eminent domain, you’re setting up people who spent life savings to live on the beach. Now, they’re going to be forced out to build a giant hotel for tourists from out of town.”

Thursday, December 1

When You Don't Know How To Turn On Your Radio

Don Norman Is On Your Side

Don Norman wanted a large latte made with decaffeinated coffee and low-fat milk. He told this to the college student behind the counter at the Grove Caffe, the coffeehouse set among one of the stands ...

Iron Mountain

The shorter route up Iron Mountain has become San Diego County’s second most popular hike — after the ascent of Cowles Mountain.

North County’s Iron Mountain thrusts its conical summit nearly 2700 feet above sea level, well above any low-lying wintertime haze over the coast and suburbs. On many a crystalline December day, the summit offers a ...

Stucco Reigns

It worked well for the Mayas, built much of Rome, and it covers San Diego.

Two factors helped bring the artistic use of stucco to a halt: modernism, with its emphasis on simple, unbroken planes, and the invention of the stucco “gun,” a machine process for blowing stucco onto walls.

What if we'd been named Edward?

Pat Daugherty meets Pat Daughertys

My birth certificate reads "Patrick Daugherty." When I was a child everyone called me Pat. My first love, a big-busted, traveling woman, dubbed me Patrick, gave my full name back to me, but that happened ...

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