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Those who knew Yogananda — Encinitas' swami

Enigma in a turban

If anyone ever writes a Guidebook to Supernatural San Diego, one chapter will have to be set on the bluff in Encinitas where the coastline takes a bend eastward. The Self-Realization Fellowship owns about 13 ...

Try to imagine nothing

A world full of rubber cigars and chow mein is much more logical

Dear Matt: My friend and I were having a discussion about life in general, and we decided that we need to know why there is any stuff in the universe. Why is there anything instead ...

It's okay to deface a penny

As long as it's not counterfeit

Dear Matthew: On vacation recently, I saw a machine that for 50 cents squashed a penny into a thin copper disk with a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge on it. I remember my dad ...

Be proud of the term Yankee

British troops sang “Yankee Doodle” to taunt us

Dear Matthew Alice: My in-laws recently came to visit from Ireland. When my mum made the remark, “That’s a Yank for you!” I said something derogatory regarding Micks. Where did we assume the name Yankee ...

Pacifica Strings, one of San Diego’s few long-lived string quartets

We never push ourselves on anyone

Unlike, say, rock-and-roll bands, classical musicians in a quartet are not required to exhibit personalities as they perform. A tuxedoed homogeneity and a serious sameness of expression will do nicely, thank you. If the performers ...

Why hatters were considered mad

They went bonkers from huffing toxic mercury fumes

Dear Matthew Alice: Where did the expression “mad as a hatter” come from? What’s a hatter, and why is a hatter so pissed off? — Don’t Get It, San Diego You sure don’t, Don’t. The ...

Disenchanted sportswriter Jeff Savage tells all – Padres, Chargers, Copley Press

I was the coolest guy I knew

Since the merger on February 2,1992, 11 people have left the U-T sports department. One distraught sportswriter says he spends the first hour every morning chanting to himself, “Don’t quit today. Don’t quit today. Don’t quit today.”