Content for Thursday, July 7, 1994

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The ubiquitous swap meets of San Diego

A sense of belongings

I'm not a regular at Kobey's Swap Meet. I've only been four times, but I already have "friends" there. Peggy and Jim Ciriello ask whether I’ve used the cast-iron corn bread skillet I bought from ...

Murdered wife under San Diego freeway

People v. Scott in 1957 changed the rule on corpses

Dear Matthew Alice: In Rex Reed's People Are Crazy Here, in the chapter on Alfred Hitchcock, he writes, “His favorite people in history are Lizzie Borden, Jack the Ripper, and a man who murdered his ...

Coal shipped by pipeline from Arizona to Nevada

Then burned by So Cal Edison

Dear Matthew Alice: As usual, my hubby tells me some off-the-wall things, most of which I can’t find out for sure at the local library. In this one, he said that in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the ...

Duncan Shepherd weighs pros and cons of movies on video

Video is only, or mainly, useful for the second or third or fourth viewing

Let me see if I can’t sort out my current feelings about videos, after only recently having come through one of my irregular stretches of watching some. Upside: Cost. I start out with this point, ...

Let’s Be Friends

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