Content for Thursday, August 18, 1994

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Palestinians in San Diego

Jesus Christ walked by right outside my house

"Only two to three hundred Palestinians can travel to Jerusalem in any one month— out of 20,000. That’s like if you lived in Mira Mesa and weren’t allowed to travel to Clairemont. It’s impossible!"

The right amount of time for a snooze

How my alarm clock knows

Dear Matthew Alice: Okay, I was a little lazy this morning when I woke up and hit the snooze bar on my alarm. Nine minutes later, the alarm went off again. Some of my friends ...

The genius of aspirin

When I take aspirin for a headache, how does the pill know that it’s my head that hurts and that it should go there and not to my foot? — Melissa, El Cajon Dear Matthew ...

Teenage life with my sister and my dad

The summer diet of Donna Delicious

“Since when don’t you like attention? Didn’t you like it when the guys sang Oh, Donna, Donna Delicious to you at camp?