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Why Baja's Chinese refugees risked everything

The impossible shore

The bow of the To Ching No. 212 looks like the nose of a fighter who should have quit sooner. Another almost catastrophic dent distorts the port stern. Above it some 20 feet of deck ...

Why locals mis-pronounce Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach

The World War II influence

Dear Matthew Alice: Why is Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach invariably pronounced “Gar-NET” by locals? It's just one of the gemstone streets, and I've never heard January's birthstone pronounced that way. Are these kinds of ...

All about cricket chirping

There are at least four different cricket “songs”

Dear M.A.: I was told that if you count the number of chirps a cricket makes in 15 seconds and add that number to 39, you would have the approximate temperature. Is that true or ...