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An Austere Unlikely Place

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Pencil lead and poisoning

Graphite took over in the 1500s

Dear Matthew Alice: How do they get the lead into a wood pencil? And how come we don’t get lead poisoning as children by doing all that schoolwork in pencil? — J.H., El Cajon Where ...

Stalking the Venus Shadow

Steadily increasing light pollution around Southern California’s mountain and desert areas is making Venus-shadow observations more challenging.

The cloud-mantled planet Venus reflects 76 percent of the sunlight falling on it. Less than one-billionth of the light that bounces away is intercepted by Earth. Most strikes Earth’s day side, but some falls on ...

Relax your face muscles and your dimples will disappear

Wait about ten years and you may be glad you have ’em

Dear Matthew: My face has dimples, and that makes me wonder where they come from. My mom said I should ask you. — Christopher, age 8, San Diego Tired of all those adults pinching your ...

There must be a Second World

If we have First and Third Wolrd

Dear Matt: I know this question is probably not very P.C., but I’ve got to ask it anyway. I think I have a pretty good idea of what the Third World is. And I think ...

The Teenage Wasteland Lives on in a Chula Vista Garage

Titillated and heartened by the sexually ambigous rough-housing attendant to a performance by the Fastbacks in a Chula Vista Garage.

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