Content for Wednesday, November 27, 1991

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A Scripps odyssey on the research vessel Robert Gordon Sproul

O we sail the oceans blue and our amphipod's a cutie

Kaufmann describes an amphipod he has seen photographed that is nearly a foot long with mandibles sharp and powerful enough to sever a human finger. He is kidding, of course? “Not really. It was found off Fiji."

Jorge Hank Rhon, Caliente racetrack owner, owned nine pet shops, six veterinary clinics

Tyger, tyger, sleek and bright- were you stolen in the night?

In mid-August, American customs agents stopped a southbound car at a checkpoint near the Mexican border. The car belonged to Jorge Hank Rhon, owner and operator of Tijuana’s Agua Caliente racetrack. Hank’s driver was at ...

County assessor J.H. Johnson auctioned the San Diego Zoo in 1932

Crank with a prank

Ever since James Hervey Johnson’s death in 1988, press coverage has focused entirely on the endless lawsuits over his $17 million estate. One would never know from these news stories that once upon a time, ...