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Caliente Racetrack owner Jorge Hank Rhon discusses the murder of "El Gato"

I'd say. 'Okay, Felix, what do you want?'

Last Wednesday, May 2, was a day of reckoning foretold by many Tijuanans. They may not have been able to peg the exact date it would happen, but they knew it was coming: Antonio Vera ...

San Diego high fashion on display at Horton Plaza

Liz Lang's On the Town

MAY DAY! MAY DAY!! Now is the time for all socially-conscious guys ‘n’ gals to come to the aid of their balmy corner of the continent! The eyes of the world are upon us. As ...

The Hitching Post Motel on El Cajon Boulevard

Everyone stops talking when the manager steps outside

“This town’s not getting any smaller," Gordon sighs. “We’ve got too much urban sprawl.” Dorothy cuts in. “The main problem is too many foreigners coming here. We’re just too close to the border.”