Stories for May 1990

Thursday, May 31

Every Item a Treasure

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City Attorney Sleeps on Floor, Fights High-Rises

A Spartan existence is a tiny cottage a block from the Imperial Beach pier doesn’t bother Dana Clark. Nor does the mattress on the floor that covers a third of his living space; he’s never ...

Thursday, May 24

Flaps Down to Fallbrook

The small airports of North County

Harry Aberle died in the Pitts Special. He crashed after takeoff while Yvonne watched from in front of the hangar. "The only other witness said he was doing an aerobatic maneuver, but I know he wasn't.”

A history of Horton Plaza

Capital Place

When Gill undertook the redesign of the plaza in 1908, the prospect before him was bleak. The plaza looked like a desert. The Cocos Plumosa palms were turning yellow due to soil devoid of nutrients.

Thursday, May 17

When the Fly Found the Cadaver

Adventures in forensic entomology

I stop Faulkner, ask what a maggot feels like when he holds it in his hand. "If it’s a blowfly maggot and it’s alive, it feels pretty sturdy. They’re resilient. They are soft. They’re not warm.”

Writers write, painters paint

Art with a capital A

As a teenager, I dismissed adults’ dismissal of the new with the thought that these grown-ups (who also hated Elvis and despised Jerry Lee) merely preferred elevator music for canvas, eye Muzak.

Tons of Stuff

I just flew in from Algeria and ...

Humor is a funny thing. What is the appeal, exactly, of standing before a room full of strangers, risking humiliation for the sake of “evoking an expulsion of air from the lungs” of your audience, ...

Friday, May 11

This Train: Hurtling into the Heart of Something

From Oakland to New Orleans

Pete tells Wayne about survival food, the bazooka. Wayne rubs his brow with an Amtrak napkin. Pete says that one night, in Detroit, when he’d smoked too much crack— ‘‘You guys know crack?” he asks and we nod obediently.

Thursday, May 10

Jorge Hank Rhon finally talks

Caliente Race Track owner discusses his life and the murder of "El Gato"

Last Wednesday, May 2, was a day of reckoning foretold by many Tijuanans. They may not have been able to peg the exact date it would happen, but they knew it was coming: Antonio Vera ...

Liz Lang's On the Town

San Diego high fashion on display at Horton Plaza

MAY DAY! MAY DAY!! Now is the time for all socially-conscious guys ‘n’ gals to come to the aid of their balmy corner of the continent! The eyes of the world are upon us. As ...

A Room by the Boulevard

The Hitching Post Motel

“This town’s not getting any smaller," Gordon sighs. “We’ve got too much urban sprawl.” Dorothy cuts in. “The main problem is too many foreigners coming here. We’re just too close to the border.”

Thursday, May 3

Bum, Bumming, Bummer

The low-budget horror film of homelessness.

‘Spare change. Spare change,” says the beaten voice of a white, 40ish bum. The man’s oval face has the shaky, unfocused quality of a 1950s porno film. The last distinct lines left on an otherwise ...

The Deal with Cats

The next door neighbor's cat got me going on notions of sex, maternity, and kittens.

You are merely tolerated. They do not need you. You love them anyway.

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