Stories for March 1990

Thursday, March 29

Big Brick Canvas

Taggers spoil Buster’s wall.

From the start, Buster worked hard to prove that he's a graffiti artist, not some little hoodlum with a sneer on his face, paint stains on his fingers, and a can under his jean jacket. ...

Thursday, March 22

The Copley Press used to be considered a friendly employer

Not anymore.

Marty Walsh settles into a metal chair inside the Fraternal Order of Eagles lodge in North Park and allows himself to savor some memories of the American newspaper business. Marty, now 62. toiled in the ...

Plant Vibes, Channel 8 Snowflakes

Dear Matthew Alice: Plants are supposedly able to feel the vibes of the people who take care of them and those of other plants in their proximity. Do plants in the kitchen feel any remorse ...

He Who Serves

“Everybody I know is dead. All the big shots that hung around the Grant Grill; they’re all dead now.” The liver-spotted hands of Kent Parker clench, relax. “San Diego was a much tougher town then ...

Here to Clean Up

Where there's life, there's dirt

I got a phone call from Bruce, a housepainter in Fallbrook. Bruce owned a two-story rental unit in East San Diego, and his tenant had moved out. He needed help getting it ready for the next lucky person.

Thursday, March 15

Everybody Onstage for the Forgiveness and Reconciliation Number

Lamb's Players Theatre - like a commune but...

One thing Robert Smyth likes about his used Merkur is that it's a turbocharged car with no sign on it saying "turbocharged." Power without show: that's Smyth (he pronounces it "Smith"). At 40, he is ...

Housepets I've in all likelihood killed or maimed

Thinking isn't doing

Dogs: are too worthless even to kick. Kicking a dog is like beating a rug; killing a dog is like washing one. Dogs are stupid and breathy, rugsmelly, dogloyal: who needs ’em?

Thursday, March 8

A Spear in the Dirt

Picking asparagus down Calexico way

Dolores Huerta: There’s a blacklist. Very definitely, if the foremen or contractors know a worker is union, they won’t hire him; or if they do and they find out, they’ll get rid of them.

How Sound Travels from Father to Son

Local musicians Chuck McPherson and A.J. Croce

You gotta make money, man! Tired of being broke, man!” Charles McPherson Jr. — son of alto sax giant Charles McPherson — grins as he shouts over the music blaring from the boom box on ...

Thursday, March 1

Logged On For Life

This cover story has not yet been posted. However, you can download the digital edition to view any story from this issue.

Members of the Keyboard

Why computer users go to The WELL

The WELL evolved from the back-to-the-land utopianism that produced Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Catalog, and Brand, who writes on The WELL as SBB, was one of the system's founders and developers.

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