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Thirteen Reader authors on San Dieego at night

Shots in the dark:

The guy in the middle rack next to mine was hard-timing it, sleeping 15 to 18 hours. This was standard among tweakers who had gotten busted after a five- or six-day binge of no sleep.

San Diego talk radio after dark

Would you tell us a graveyard experience story?

Night is when cold and flu gets the worst. Forget to take my Medication (stop doing that) sleep much as possible (trying trying, easier in the day Supply: corn beef — low Medication — 3 ...

My plan: cross street, hide in bushes, run for help, head for nearest porch, scream

A small, green pea of panic

It’s twilight. Walking deeper than usual into my loop of a route (no backtracking!), past the point when I’ll let myself turn around. Now I’m pumped. Now the songs on the Walkman make my gait ...

The passing of Hedgecock and Martinez removed trappings of power from Dobson’s

The new Mrs. Broderick-to-be took her stool up towards the door and flashed her diamond ring to the regulars

The crowd starts filling the stools at Dobson’s by five o’clock each evening, emerging from the law offices and banking halls to line the narrow space within the walls of the old Spreckels Theatre Building. ...

La Especial on 25th and Imperial

It’s Sunday, 2 a.m. A dark balmy night. Imperial Avenue is quiet, almost deserted, but there’s action up ahead, across from the old welfare office on 25th Street — now fenced in and vacant. A ...

Cab ride from La Jolla to downtown after midnight

The late show

In a La Jolla oceanfront hotel, an elderly anorexic alcoholic picked at tiny oysters bedded in spinach and told me the story of her life. Orphaned at 8, married at 18 — “Married well!” She ...

Log of my mother's Alzheimer's

Carrying Mom

1:00 a.m. The dyslexic hour. Words on computer monitor start to run together. Squinting. Brain tired. Slumping. Sleep summons. The house has been quiet for hours. My favorite time of day, my “afternoon.” Quiet time. ...

San Diego Zoo after sundown

Sounds of the animals moving around, wind in the trees.

The electric sodium lights hiss in the zoo’s parking lot. A winged beetle flops, buzzes feebly on the cement apron next to where I park the car. The 11 p.m. air is vaguely scented with ...

You’ll see Crips, Bloods, and the Mickey Mouse Club driving around in circles

San Diego's moonlit compost heap

It is a humbling experience to return to the ghetto at night. To expect a few inconveniences on the way back to paradise has become a doleful routine for any denizen who resides in Southeast ...

Eleanor Widmer finds a late-night restaurant where she can sing

“Dark Eyes,” “Ofen Pripichu," “Rayte Pomerantzen"

I don’t know whether insomnia is programmed in the DNA, but my grandmother, my father, and I all had sleeping problems. From earliest childhood, say by the age of five, I would wake in the ...

Night not much different from day when you're in San Diego Jail

Hard time

To begin with, I slept badly at night and never in the day. But gradually my nights became better, and I managed to doze off in the daytime as well. In fact, during the last ...

Jolar Adult Theater late at night

Every furtive soul

It’s an empty middle-of-the-week hump night, Wednesday, two-thirty a.m. The moon is full; the uncommonly illuminated sky is azure and clear, bright as it most often is a half-hour before sunup. University Avenue looks broader ...

Jonathan Saville knows about night

The Moon God, The Thunder God, & Co.

Night? I know about Night. It was before I started to compare things, to measure things, to judge the world by reason. There the universe spoke a different language, the language of Night. I was ...