Content for Thursday, June 22, 1989

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A Geography of San Diego Murders

Mob Jobs Tamara Rand, 54Bandini Street, Mission HillsNovember 10, 1975 The victim, a real-estate broker and the wife of a wealthy physician, was found sprawled on the floor of her kitchen, a cup of tea ...

What are inactive ingredients?

Dear Matthew Alice: While taking my daily vitamin, I paused to study the back of the container. the elements that have me puzzled are the "inactive" ingredients. What do they do or not do? D.S. ...

What is the point of gnats?

Why syrphids hover is an elusive question.

Dear Matthew Alice: In the hallway in my condo complex. there is one shady section in which the air is thick with hovering little gnats. They are very annoying. But they never seem to bite ...

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