Content for Thursday, May 12, 1988

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Central Federal and a seedy tale of San Diego bankruptcy court

Debtor: The inglorious road to financial ruin

When Jay and Geri Sobarnia filed for bankruptcy in 1980, they owned a $550,000 house, a couple of small businesses, and two apartment houses, and their monthly payments were current on the $1,670,000 they owed ...

The Governance of Imperial Beach

The county grand jury has been throwing yellow flags

Politics in Imperial Beach is like a football game without a clock: the game is never over, there are lots of injuries, and no one ever wins. The apparent losers of a 1985 political battle ...

Salvaging scrap from San Diego bay: valves, shafts, propellers, heat exchangers, fire-fighting nozzles, running lights, bells, plumbing fixtures, pipes

Take It from the bottom

There was one new mark off the ocean side of Silver Strand, which Tex had told them was a big, bad one. Gowdy made a dip on it, came up, and yelled, "Jesus, Frank, it's a submarine!

Let’s Be Friends

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