Content for Thursday, June 30, 1988

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If you haven't been in Eileen Jackson's Evening Tribune column, you haven't arrived

Everybody who's anybody

We stood outside her Mission Hills home. She nodded toward a two-story house half a block uphill and said, "That was my father’s house." She led the way down stone steps set into a steep ...

Hotel Del Coronado owner Leonard Friedman gives boats to Sail America

Front man for Larry Lawrence

A decade of hustle and a $10 million investment may soon pay off for the local promoters of a seasick-proof ship. News stories about the “Small Waterplane, Twin Hilled” boats—Swath for short—are appearing more frequently, ...

Horse player gets stuck at Del Mar Fair

Lenny the Hammer a regular at the wagering satellite

My friend Lenny, belter known to his cronies al the wagering satellite in Del Mar as the Hammer, has had just about enough of the Del Mar Fair to last him a lifetime. Every racing ...