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About the myth that it’s a “sex thing” with prostitutes, that they’re attracted to the work for the sex: “Ho’s, they like to brag on how ‘All I had to do was take off one leg of my pantyhose.’ Whatever they can do and get away with it, they’re gonna do it and git go. With her and a trick, it’s not ‘Hoo-ee, until you got here, baby, I ain’t had no meat all week that I liked.’

“Ho’s are gonna do the least amount of what they can do to get their money. A lot of tricks just get left right there, sittin’ on the bed, holdin’ themselves. Tricks don’t operate in an area where they can demand a lot of quality control. Who they gonna call, Consumer Reports? The Better Business Bureau? Say, ‘Hey, man, Mr. Brown’s ho’s, they ain’t really givin’ you no sex. They’re just fondlin’ you and an’ playin’ with you and talkin’ jive to you, then they tell you your time is up.’”

Myth number four: the one about a pimp’s unusual sexual prowess. “You have to sexually please your ho’s — that’s one of the biggest myths that’s gone down. You don’t have no time to do no free fuckin’. An’ you don’t care that much how she looks or how she is. You learn over the years what tricks accept. You’re not havin’ this woman for what you like, you’re havin’ her for what tricks like.

“You hear some pimps talk about, ‘Well, I want to make sure she know how to do it.’ I say, ‘You ain’t gonna be the one that’s buyin’ it. What the hell do you care?’ When you hear a pimp braggin’ about his sexual powers, don’ believe him.”

Another myth: a pimp keeps his hold on a prostitute by beating her up: “There’s just no doubtin’, there’s ho’s who have a thing, they like to be abused. You find that in some housewife psychology, the ones who see an ass-whippin’ as a form of attention. After the man beats her up, he says, ‘I don’t like to do that wit’ you, baby, but you just make me ’cause you won’ do what I say.’ Well, that’s music to her ears, when a woman’s got that psychology. With a ho’, it’s not like that. After she’s taken a whippin’, she sees herself as havin’ to double her amount, triple her amount, to get out of the doghouse and in your good graces again.

“I think some ho’s like the pimp to whup ’em because they feel guilty about bein’ ho’s. If they can get you to stomp ’em, they can say to themselves. ‘He makes me do it.’”

Pimps, he readily admitted, do beat their women. “But it’s not like you came ’round with nothin’ else to do, and just to pass time, you start to hit ’em. Ho’s are very rebellious women, very challenging women, and they are brave. Ho’s is some brave motherfuckers! The one thing about a woman that isn’t true of a guy, she’s dangerous. I know men that got women that will kill for ’em.” He thought it would be fair to say, he added, that beating your whores was a part of old-style pimp psychology that was “passing out.”

Yeah, he said, he had beat up women who worked for him. “I had this ho’, my buddy told me she was holdin’ out on me. I sent another buddy over with 20 dollars to check her out. She give me 10. I got her down buck naked and kicked her ass. I wanted other guys to see me as a real down pimp, that I wasn’t a guy you could say about him, ‘You think you be pimpin’, but you really be sympin’.’ I did, I kicked that woman’s ass, an’ I told her, ‘Bitch, don’ bring this on me no more.’”

The “hold,” he said, pointing to his head, “is in here. It came from the git-go. It’s in how you cut into a woman that first time. It’s givin’ her that confidence in herself and in you. See, you don’t go get you a gal who’s been a ho’ on her own all her life and then try to drive her into givin’ you her money. When you got a good moneymakin’ ho’, you got a girl you done raised yourself, a girl you hand-raised. To her, you are the basic thing after God, the only thing she knows as the basis and means of life and existence. But it always come back to that thing that makes a husband give up his money to a wife. ‘We’re in this together. This is for us.’ To keep it that way, the pimp has to take care of business. These so-called ‘gentlemen of leisure,’ they may have magnetism for their ho’s, but they don’ git respect.”

He continued, “Things happen to those gentleman of leisure. They get themselves killed, for one. And I know pimps have had ho’s leave their ass in some hotel. They take his jewels, all his cash, hit the highway in his car. Then you’re really bad off because when a pimp comes walkin’ out of his hotel room with nothin’ but his undershorts on, his ho’ gone, his car gone, then he really has to hustle to get his thing back together.

“Or, his ho’s get ripped off him.”

I asked how that was done.

“One way is, you just give an invitation to get on your team. You know, ‘I been hearin’ that things ain’t too cool for you on your team.’ Mebbe she sees your girls laid out in the best of shit, hears ’em sayin’, ‘We’re gonna go to Las Vegas for the weekend. We gonna go to Mardi Gras.’ If the ho’ don’t have that kind of thing, and she gets that invitation, she’s gonna leave him. That’s one way.

“Losin’ a good ho’ is like losin’ a good job. You broke ’em in, you schooled ’em. You put a lot into educatin’ a woman. Clothes, hygiene, make-up, small talk. How to present herself.

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