Content for Thursday, April 2, 1987

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San Diego's he-man Jerry Schad – the rougher it gets, the better he likes it

Life on the crest

I made my bed in the lee of a stout little juniper, but Schad, fond of wind and rain and discomfort,made his on the crest. Then we huddled together to cook noodles and tuna, with a Kahlúa chaser.

Unruly sailors in a makeshift navy: the war on the Mekong

River Rats, part one

"Serenko, Michael J., Navy!” “Here, Sir!” “Your flight leaves at midnight. Get your shots over there!" "Yes, Sir!" Yes, Sir, shit! I thought to myself. I took care of it myself while I was on ...

Engineer claims damage from PCBs at Westgate Hotel


George Gueria was an engineer at the posh Westgate Hotel on Second Avenue downtown from 1978 to 1984. now he's designated by the Social Security Administration as "totally disabled." he contends in a lawsuit filed ...

Life and death on an eight-hour shift

Nurse's log

Mr. Ellington is furious. He’s just been talked to about the dangers of smoking in the presence of running oxygen. Fortunately, he’s out of cigarettes, but he’s demanding more and is ready to “blow this joint up.”

Craftsman Richard Latrobe-Bateman rants at Mesa College

Re furniture: "True modernism has no style."

"I can't just talk about my subject," began Richard Latrobe-Bateman. "I must talk about my view of the world is that I think we're actually doomed." This got the attention of the audience. A man ...

Lux Bookstore takes doors back off its peep shows

But owner Rick Ford predicts only temporary slow-down

Rick Ford has seen the future of adult peepshows, and it's a box-office disaster. While Ford's competitors in the adult bookstore business were fighting a city ordinance that requires the removal of doors from peepshow ...